This poem was published by the New Asian Writing on 4th May, 2020.

‘Hope’ by Abhinita Mohanty

Desperateness does not always stink,

in the worthy life,

it lingers, hangs, shies, or slightly fades,

but it does stay,

like breathe itself.

But today she  shall sing,

glories of the fading sun

‘cause when darkness,

wraps the earth,

stars are born,

the moon too glows,

when darkness reigns, its heavy chains.

If life would have

been bereft of thorns,

how would have humans known

the pain of bleeding, the masochism of toil and

the pleasure of getting

ambitions that somewhere once stayed

in eyes inner corners,

that once breathed,

in days winter.

Toil makes home,

to pleasure’s throne.

Struggle is but a lesson,

that each battle can be won.

She has flown away,

With her hair flowing,

Entangling the earth,

With her flowy hair,

Beneath the seas,

They have risen,

Stronger, mightier,

With the wink of her eyes,

She might bring down,

another sky.

Then head held high,

They will walk,

On earth,

as equal to that of man.

About The Vignettes

There are images and words and when we add the latter to the former, we create stories. For me, I just write as I love doing it. My works has been published in a few platforms and you can read these and others in this blog.
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